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Mail the first set of documents known as the Federal "Qualified Written Request" docs. You need to start your file right now.  Doing this will help you and your Attorney (if you can afford one) to start off on the right path.  If you are on your own, then you are "Pro Se" 

Authenticate your Lender or "Loan Servicer's ability to bring you into Court."Standing to Sue" meaning "Legal Authority to file for Foreclosure."

You have seen this question in the news, TV, and have heard about the lawsuits over this issue.


"Where is the Note?"

Get your file ready to e-mail or mail Complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Board, OCC, and many other State and Federal agencies.  By doing so-you are documenting your case file and getting the information you will need for your Strategic Defense.  Also, you are getting "Free legal help."


​Where do we start?  

By the time that you have decided to research this website, you have at least contemplated the issue of foreclosure of your home. 

Whatever your reason is for this potential threat to you losing your home, you should get ready by being prepared to go to Court and fight back. 

No matter what stage of Foreclosure that you happen to be in,and especially prior to you getting your very first Foreclosure Notice,

you need to take action now

Strategic Defense is simply sending in the letters and forms in order to get the information that you will need in order to present a Defense to the Foreclosure before the time comes.  The fact is that most people, with or without an attorney, see the foreclosure coming,

but do nothing in advance in order to further their chances of being successful in their defense.